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The Best 20 mg Salt Switch Vape Kit Review

It’s not just another POD device!

Salt Switch Vape Kit

As it is not about what is better, it’s all about what are your preferences and what kind of vaping experience you want to satisfy your needs to stay away from tobacco smoking!

Product Introduction

A 20 mg salt switch vape kit is one of the best vape kits for beginners. It fits nicely in your hand and is a portable kit, perfect for on the go vaping. A combination of this and the ease of use really does make it a hassle free option to quitting smoking. If convenience is what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right vape kit throat hits, a vaping tank and atomizer respectively. This is a disposable vaping device which is very convenient to carry with you anywhere you want. 

Salt Switch Vape Kit – An Alternative to smoking 


This salt switch vape kit holds a wide range of flavours to entertain its users. There are over sixteen outstanding flavours which make your vaping experience even more interesting. Some of the popular flavours of this salt switch vape kit are as follows:

Guava Ice

Fruity, sweet berries all cooled off with an icy kick to finish. Guava is a flavour thats appearing more and more with different companies taking there own spin on it; we can hand on heart say they’ve nailed it with this one.

Strawberry Lychee

Want to remember those sunny days during the heatwave? This fruity concoction does just that. Full of flavour and perfect for vapers with a sweet tooth.

Apple Ice

We know what you’re thinking, apple and menthol?! This combination compliments each other well and is nicely balanced.

Blueberry Raspberry

A classic pairing in the E-liquid and Nic Salt world. Both equally balanced, ripe blueberries and raspberries all muddled into one more-ish vape.

Pure Tobacco

This is not one that appears in most peoples favourites, but for a tobacco flavour they have done extremely well.

Salt Switch Vape

The nicotine-salt devices such as salt switch vape pods are very friendly to use along with the latest vaping technology. Moreover, the nicotine salt instantly provides you with the instant nicotine rush which can help you effectively in satisfying your requirements and cravings. Along with nicotine salts and the nicotine potency of about 30-35 mg, the throat hits become more smooth and comfortable preventing the throat itching. 

The vaping devices with low wattage can give you the best alternative to produce large clouds which is something you are in search for!


Some of the unique features and characteristics of this outstanding disposable vaping device are as follows:

  • Nicotine potency: The nicotine potency of these vaping devices is about 20 mg.
  • Size: These disposable switch salt vape kits are user-friendly and can be taken everywhere. Their size range from 10.3mm* 18* 106* respectively.
  • Battery life: The battery capacity of these devices is 350mAh
  • Weight: They are very light in weight i.e. 20 g.
  • Puffs: These devices can smoke about 450 puffs at a time.
  • E-liquids: The e-juice capacity of these vaping kits is about 2ml.
  • Charging: It’s as easy as it gets! No need to recharge, refill or press any buttons to turn it on or off. That’s why it’s so easy to SWITCH.

The SALT Switch disposable pod device is turned on by inhaling and immediately stops when there is no airflow through the mouthpiece. So use it or stop whenever you want – you are in charge.

How to Use it?

Where to Buy?


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Salt Switch Vape Kit for quit smoking?

If you want to quit smoking and switch to vaping, the initial step is to choose the perfect flavour that fulfils your body’s requirements and cravings. The tobacco flavour works best in this aspect as it gives you similar sensation as that of cigarettes. However, it is not as same as lightening up a cigarette. Taking nigh nicotine dose will also help you to quit your smoking habit and also helps you in maintaining your health respectively. This disposable salt switch vape kit will be the best alternative to tobacco smoking.

Stop smoking, start vaping!


This pocket-size compact 20 mg salt switch vape kit is the best substitute for you if you want to quit smoking cigarettes. This is a special vaping device which provides you with 450 puffs at a time which is parallel to 1 pack of cigarette. This salt switch vape devices is highly recommended to the beginners and as well as to the experienced users as it is the best performer which is very simple to operate.

Its unique and innovative flavours make it worth considering in place of your tobacco smoke. On the basis of all these exceptional qualities, this salt switch vape kit is considered as the best start, especially for the beginners. It is very simple and easy to understand. You would never regret your decision after trying this vaping device. 

A warm welcome to you in the world of Vaping!

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