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The Best Voopoo Drag Max Kit Dual Battery |Review

Voopoo Drag Max Kit –

If you come to this review, I can imagine that you must want to know about the updated device compared to the previous Voopoo Drag mods and also, which kit is more worthy to select. If you are looking for a powerful, versatile and convenient vaping kit but didn’t find it anywhere, Congratulations!, you are landed at the right place. The Voopoo Drag max kit is one of the most successful kits of the DRAG series till now. 

Voopoo Drag Max Kit- An Introduction 

This incredible Voopoo Drag Max Kit is a terrific dual battery vaping device along with a magnetic atomizer. This is a high power device that gives the outstanding result of traditional sub-ohm vaping devices. This is an exceptional kit and highly recommended for traditional and as well as advanced vapers. This advanced pod mod is available for mouth to lung vaping and as well as direct lung vaping. It meets all the requirements of the users.

What are the Features of the Voopoo Drag Max Kit?

voopoo drag max kit

This pod mod is very simple and easy to use and gives the best vaping experience. Some of its specs are listed as follows:
Convenient to use
Have special top connections which only works with Voopoo’s PnP Pod tanks
Very comfortable to hold 
Very beautifully designed
Have an incredible wattage control to prevent coils from burning
Flimsy battery doors
Contains wattage of 170W
Contains dual 18650’s
Contains dual modes i.e. smart mode & RBA mode
Wide variety of coils 

Along with the combination of soft leather and polished steel, this Voopoo Drag max kit presents a very sleek design. You, not only obsessed with its unique and innovative design but also its upgraded GENE.FAN 2 chipset. All in all, you are provided with the golden opportunity to gain the best ever vaping experience with this pod mode. Many automated functions have been inserted into this kit such as, its smart mode itself conceives which PnP coil has been inserted and instantly selects the befitting wattage so that the device could give the best vaping experience.

Voopoo Drag Max Kit || Specifications 

As a matter of fact, Voopoo has released a variety of product in recent months, and no offence, all of them are extremely outstanding. Some of the majorly successful products include the Voopoo Drag X kit, the Voopoo Drag S. kit and Voopoo V. SUIT Kit. These kits were introduced along with the specifications of PnP coils, MLT mod and RTA mod. Each product is entirely different from the other. Voopoo has been producing incredible vape products and make exceptional contributions in the vaping world.

voopoo Drag max kit – specifications and features

Now let’s jump into the specifications of the Voopoo Drag Max Kit!!

  • The device is made up of premium quality material i.e. Leather and zinc alloy & PCTG.
  • Talking about dimensions, the device is 122m* 50.25mm* 25mm* in its length, height and width respectively.
  • Powers: about 5 to 177W
  • Voltage: 6.4 to 8.4V
  • Resistance ; 0.1 to 0.3 ohm
  • Battery life: dual battery (18650)
  • Type-C charging port
  • Exceptional firing speed i.e. 0.001 seconds
  • Overcharge, short circuit, over-temperature protection
  • Adjustment buttons included.

Why you need Voopoo Drag Max Kit for your excellent vaping experience?

You may keep thinking and wondering why Voopoo introduce this kit when we already have Drag S hand Drag X kits to satisfy our vaping cravings. Undoubtedly, this Voopoo Drag Max kit is a blend of Drag Mod and Drag Pod Mod. it doesn’t feel like traditional Drag mods. Rather it is like an updated version of previous drag mods. Along with the plenty of latest features and dual battery, this drag max kit is considered a powerful and beautiful vape mod.

In my opinion, it is truly a great device up to that time. There is one flaw in Voopoo’s previous devices that their edges were sharp and hurt the palm of the user but now, this Drag Max has wonderful soft edges which are very friendly and easy to hold. 

Voopoo Drag Max Kit – Pros & Cons

Some of the Pros and cons of this drag max kit are listed below to make the users know about its qualities and whether it is for beginners or professionals.


  • This Voopoo drag max kit reflects eye-catching colors
  • Contains an efficient and powerful responsive chip that provides speedy solutions
  • Soft-touch along with leather parts
  • Luminous screen colors
  • Pods transparency
  • Simple to use
  • Have dual coils
  • Both coils have a great battery life
  • Type-C charging port
  • Fast charging
  • Terrific Airflow
  • Attractive and eye-catching looks
  • Double battery i.e. 18650
  • Contains the facility of RTA pods
  • Quality is outstanding and reliable as well


  • The adapter is not included in the kit
  • This device is not sustainable for MTL
  • TC and Bypass modes are not included
  • Draw sensors are comparatively weak
  • When batteries interchanges, the time resets automatically.

Voopoo Drag Max Kit Review – Closing Thoughts

If you are a traditional vaper and want to experience the best, you can go straight to purchase the Voopoo Drag Max kit. All in all Drag Max kit is all you want. It is a flawless product along with a powerful battery and premium quality PnP coils. Easy to carry anywhere you want. Enjoyable and stylish at the same time. This terrific product is worth to purchase. This product is highly recommended for advanced and traditional users.

That’s all I want to tell you about this product. I hope this review will be useful. Looking forward to your thought about this product.


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