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Vive Disposable Vape Pen Review

Vive Disposable Vape Pen is a Portable Pod device that has been uniquely built with salt nic and is packaged as a disposable unit. This allows users to enjoy a tasty vape with little upkeep, requiring simply a trip to the trash can once the device has been used up.

Features and specifications

The Vive disposable is specially packed and easy to use and is capable of 600 puffs with 5 percent (50 mg) nicotine salt e-juice. The device’s capacity is 400mAh which allows people to use the long-lasting device they are looking for.

  1. All-in-one system with a variety of features and specifications.
  2. The firing mechanism is initiated when the user pulls the trigger.
  3. 2mL of E-Liquid Capacity
  4. 50mg Salt Nicotine strength
  5. This is a one-time use item.
  6. Per device, up to 600 puffs are possible.
  7. The battery has a capacity of 400mAh.
  8. It’s completely disposable.

Vive Disposable Vape Pen Flavors

It turns out that adult vapors and ex-smokers only look for a device that is easy to use and offers fantastic flavor and a satisfactory experience. And the vapors check all the boxes. They do not need to be filled, loaded, or bobbed. They don’t generally leak into your pocket and don’t need to carry a liquid bottle or battery. You have to do is open the packaging and steam.

These discreet and easy-to-use devices create a many and free stench alternative to fuel cigarettes, thanks to the strong salts.

Vive disposable vapes came from the earliest days of vaporization. Check out our long-lasting device if you want to know how much taste and vapor can be bundled into a small package.

  • Iced Pear
  • Iced Strawberry
  • Mango Strawberry
  • Iced Kiwi Lime
  • Iced Grape
  • Iced Mint
  • iced Peach
  • Iced Blueberry
  • Iced Tropical Guava
  • Blue Razz
  • Razz Watermelon
  • Pomegranate
  • Tangerine Soda
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Mixed Berries

The Vive Disposable includes a great authentic flavor in every device. A 2 ml Salt Nic containing 5% nicotine strength is provided on all the devices.

Try out these new Vive flavored disposables with 5% nicotine and 600 puffs.


The Seek Vape holds 2ml of salt Nicotine E-liquid with a 50mg/20mg/10mg Nicotine dosage. One device is included in each Seek Vape Disposable box. It has a stylish design and a unique look and a good flavor, great taste, and clouded smoking.

Our top purity to the preserved real taste and natural flavor. We are designed with a mouth-to-lung draw for smooth, delicious strokes. It will help you in your quest for a better you and the most enjoyable vaping experience!

Check out our smoky sweet taste:

  • Sweet-taste of apple is mixed with Ice.
  • Delivers a sweet-softy taste of banana.
  • Sweet, tangy taste blueberry and lemonade.
  • Juicy blueberries layered with Ice.
  • Tobacco tastes to enrich and comfort your desires.
  • Coffee beans giving a top-notch feel.
  • Sweet watermelon with Ice creating a distinct flavor to enjoy.
  • The sweet taste of juicy mango crushed with Ice.
  • The fresh and natural mint is covered with Ice.
  • The citrus taste of fresh oranges blended with a fizz.
  • Juicy Peach with an icy feel.
  • A fruity and sweet-tasting liquid.
  • Crisp lemons with subtle hints of raspberry.
  • The mixer of sweet strawberry and soft banana.
  • Creamy notes on each puff with a delightful aroma.
  • Smooth tobacco fueling your mouth Intensely.

Vive Disposable Vape Pen Cost

All we know Vive disposable is a sleek device packed with delicious and aromatic juice. This device can last up to 600 puffs or three days on average. Vive is a market leader in the disposable vape sector, which is growing.

The price of a Vive disposable vape pen varies depending on the product and its features or flavors, however, it starts at £4.49.

Our professional specialists will collaborate with you to ensure that you receive the products your consumers demand at the prices you expect.

Due to their convenience, price, easy to use, disposable vape is one of the fastest-growing segments in the legal cannabis market. All disposable vapes are not of the same quality. It depends on the manufacturer how long last your disposable vape pen.

Good quality vapes provide a fantastic experience and comfort without sacrificing enjoyment. They allow users to have all the benefits of vape pens with the durability of a reusable device.

How many draws do a disposable vape last?

How many draws a disposable vape can vary on many factors, including how much oil a manufacturer places in his pens. A .5ml fill should have approximately 225 drawings, while a .25ml fill more than 120-125 draws. Some other aspects include vapes with customizable settings:

1.    Batteries for vapes

Perhaps the most critical aspect in how long your disposable vape pens last is your vape pen battery. After all, batteries are heartbeats of vape devices. Lifecycles of low-quality vape batteries might end far before using their oils. Therefore, you need of completing some research on whichever vape disposables you select before making any purchases.

We acquire the best batteries for our disposables with Ultra-Charge Technology, so you can be confident to use all the oil before their batteries die.

2.    Temperature

The higher temperature, the faster you burn through the oil. While temperature control can help manage your size, it also determines how long your oil will last. Reliable temperature controls give your disposable vape pens consistent enjoyment and a reliable lifespan.

3.    Dimensions of draw

The longer the draw, the more oil each puff requires. Increased dose means the tank lowers faster. Choosing the correct ratio for your draw length helps extend your vape oil’s duration. While we’re on the subject, it should be highlighted that one’s consumption rate is just as crucial to consider.

Many disposable vape users will complete their devices faster than those who only occasionally engage. That actually shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, considering there’s a finite amount of cannabis oil in every disposable vape.

4.    Storage for Vive vape

Keeping your disposable vape pen at or near room temperature can help prolong your device’s battery life. Like our vehicle engines, disposable vapes with cold batteries take more energy to heat up and perform more efficiently than one heated up.

For maximum results and longer battery life, we recommend that you store your Vive disposable vape pen between 15-25 C (59-77 F) and keep any cold disposable devices in the palm of your hand for several minutes before using it.

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